Aqueous Based

Single Chamber Multi Processor ( SCMP )


  • Ultrasonic cleaning with immersed flood wash
  • Multiple programs as per need
  • Basket rotation
  • Multi stage filtration
  • Washing / Rinsing / Drying in a single chamber
  • Programmed sequences
  • Compact machine with multiple cleaning options
  • PLC based control panel


  • Vacuum drying
  • pH Indicator and Auto dosing of chemicals

Coating Plants

Standard Features

  • Sturdy construction with thick thermal Insulation
  • Heavy duty stainless steel component Basket – standard range
  • Component holding jigs also available
  • Fully independent fluid tanks
  • Low fluid level protection
  • Digital display fluid temperature control
  • Integral fluid filtration network
  • Electric heating
  • Load/unload station
  • Auto fresh water refill in rinse tanks
  • PLC controlled.


  • Hot wash, rinse, air knife & dry cycles to suit application
  • Disc type oil skimmer (Oil separation mechanism)
  • Fine inline fluid particle filtration
  • Oil/water separator units (Insoluble oils)
  • Effluent transfer pump
  • Steam extraction fan & steam condenser units
  • Auto dosing units
  • DI water plant