Salient Features and Manufacturing Practices

We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Multi Chamber, Multi Process Type Cleaning Equipments, Single Chamber, Multi Process Type Cleaning Equipments, Vacuum Assisted, Solvent Based Single Chamber, Multi Process Type Cleaning Equipments, Conveyorised Washer, Rotary Indexing Type Washers, Additional Services Rendered and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

  • Ergonomic designs, considering enriched experience in handling critical applications with stringent requirements of cleanliness levels
  • Reliable, sturdy and safe machines, considering operator and maintenance-friendliness
  • Energy saving-self sensing in case machine is idle for longer duration
  • Safety Sensors and interlocks for machine and operator safety
  • Safety interlocks and Machine Healthiness Parameters for electrical power supply, liquid levels in baths, bath temperatures, air pressures etc.
  • Adherence to TPM and safety related points
  • Ease of identification for process parameters, visually and electronically
  • Clean and Efficient Heating arrangements
  • Effective Filtration Arrangements and Contamination separation mechanisms

  • Settable Process parameters, leading to flexibility and versatility of the system
  • Cycle Retentivity in case of any interruption in process cycle
  • Password protection for program access / parameters access
  • Use of the reputed makes for mechanical and electrical bought-out items
  • Aesthetics and other quality matching international norms
  • Robust mechanisms to counter inherent ageing issues of the equipment
  • Proper Exposure of components to cleaning processes, ensuring consistent cleaning and drying results
  • Proper clamping of components to avoid handling damages and for proper cleanliness exposure